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Warden’s Report- Spring?

Spring is here, yet it still seems so far away. Yes, we have the mud, the melting snow, and even the arrival of some of our ducks and geese. However, it was at this time last year that I was making “the rounds” in the Patrol Boat. Last year the official Ice Out was on […]

More Critter Cam

With over 730 pictures to go through with this last batch it was hard to only pick a few to share. I am going to relocate the camera to a very unique setting. I think getting the deer to this new spot will be challenging, but if they do I think it is going to […]

Warden’s Report- Critter Cam Update

2-27-13 After the big snow storm we had I decided to set out the game camera again. It was set up in the same general area as before but in a more dense/covered area. I chose this spot because I also lugged in a few pounds of corn for the deer to assist in their […]

Fisher Facts

A few people asked questions about the fisher seen on the Critter Cam (February 19, 2013). Here is some info (Thanks to the Massachusetts Fish and Game Folks) Paul General Description The fisher is one of the largest members of the Mustelid family, which includes the weasels, mink, otter, and skunk. Fishers exhibit what is […]