Megunticook Watershed Association

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Founded for educational, recreational, scientific and agricultural purposes, the Megunticook Watershed Association is devoted to environmental preservation and improvement. We’re hard at work to maintain and better the quality of the Megunticook Lake, Megunticook River, Norton Pond, Moody Pond and their feeder streams in Knox and Waldo counties.

We also work to improve the quality and safety of swimming, boating and fishing in these waters.  The Executive Director and Lake Warden are employed by the Megunticook Watershed Association and our organization oversees the watercraft inspection program in an effort to prevent to keep invasive aquatic plants like milfoil from our waters. We inspect over 1,000 watercraft annually.

Our Purpose

Below are a list of specific tasks of the Megunticook Watershed Association

– Monitoring of water quality in the lakes, river and ponds.
– Stocking of fish and wildlife conservation.
– Prevention and elimination of water pollution
– Public education on safety in boating and other water sports.
– Watching legislative activities affecting the watershed environment.
– Distribution of information about sanitation and safety laws.
– Acquisition and ownership of real estate for the purpose of preserving sites in their natural state and maintaining them for nature study.