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Property Owner’s Handbook


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Property Owner’s Handbook





And here are the links found in the Handbook:

Resources to Bookmark and Use!

Landscape and Plant Resources:
The Buffer Handbook:

(what they are, what they do, and how to design one)
Clearing Vegetation in Shoreland zoning:

List of Plants for Buffer:

(list of trees, shrubs and ‘groundlayers’ including native plants for
Maine, what they need, and how to plant them)

List of Plants for Different Areas:
(includes non-native choices)

Native Plants for Maine: A Source List: 2502e/
(University of Maine, list of nurseries selling native plants for Maine)

YardScaping – Lawns: NEW

(not just pesticide use, also turning lawn into more functional landscape)

Animal Resources:
Operation Game Thief 800-253-7887 (to report ongoing violations and has a “reward” system)
Maine State Police 800-452-4664, (to call to request to speak to a local warden on duty)
Maine Warden Service is 207-287-8000 (questions or general inquiries)
Warden – Mark Merrifield 207-557-0826 (anything from reporting a crime in progress to just asking questions; this is his cell phone and the number to use)
Water Quality Resources:
These websites have many other categories of useful information and often links to even more. This selection has been useful in creating this handbook and these sites are highly recommended.

Top 10 Ways to Protect Lakes:
(Lakes Environmental Assn., tips that inspired much of this handbook. Very valuable information also on other areas of the website)

Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program:
(site dedicated to watching out for invasive plants in Maine lakes, many resources and info about workshops)

Monitoring Maine Lakes:
(Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program, introduction to what monitoring is all about with links to specific water quality and invasive organism issues)

Gloeotrichia Info:
(Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program, description of Gloeo,
a type of blue-green alga being monitored in a number of lakes)

Center for Watershed Protection:
(source for Best Management Practices info through blogs and webcasts for storm-water and watershed management)

Home for Maine Lakes Society:
(links to LakeSmart and Lakes Alive programs as well as legislation pertaining to lakes and many other issues. A good one to bookmark)

Lakesmart Program: (direct link to Lakesmart
program that recognizes homeowners for sustainable practices near waterways)

Lakeside Living:
(Maine Lakes Society, thirteen ways to protect the lake, shorter version of Top 10 Ways plus three extra!)

Courtesy Boat Inspections Handbook:

Camp Road Maintenance Resources:

Gravel Road Maintenance:
(It’s the, manual for camp roads)

Camp Roads – Roads to Ruin?:
(Maine Lakes Society, why and how camp roads are a top
concern for lake health and ideas to help fix problem ones)

Camp Roads:

Septic System Resources:

Homeowners guide for maintaining septic systems:
(EPA, care for septic systems)

General Information:

Mr. Lakefront:

Lakes Environmental Association:

Erosion and Sedimentation Control Law:

Shoreland Property Owner Information:

Citizen’s guidebook to shoreland zoning:

Important Numbers

Lake Warden – Justin Twitchell 975-1721
MWA Executive Director – Paul Leeper 592-8540
Game Warden – Mark Merrifield 557-0826
All Emergencies 911

Town Office Police Fire

Camden 236-3353 236-7967 236-7950

Lincolnville 763-3555 763-3898

Hope 763-4199 763-3411


Soil & Water Conservation District 338-1964
Sheriff’s Office 800 660-3398 338-2040
Soil & Water Conservation District 278-2005
Sheriff’s Office 800 337-0565 594-5656

State of Maine

Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Dept. 287-8000

Dept. Of Environmental Protection 800 482-0777

Maine State Police 800 452-4664