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Megunticook Watershed Association

The MWA announces the start of it’s LakeSmart program in cooperation with the Maine Lakes Society.  LakeSmart, the flagship program of the Maine Lakes Society, is one of the most effective lake protection programs available today. It recognizes waterfront homeowners who use natural landscaping strategies to protect the health of their lake.

LakeSmart’s now-familiar blue and white Award signs get posted at shorefront and roadside. They say, “A friend of the lake lives here.”

What is LakeSmart?

LakeSmart is a campaign to protect lakes and ponds by rewarding property owners who live in a lake-friendly manner. The reward is public recognition in the form of two handsome metal signs.

What is Lake-friendly Living?
Living in a lake-friendly way means keeping rainwater from running into lakes, maintaining a fairly deep and healthy screen of groundcover, plants, shrubs and trees along the waterfront, maintaining septic systems well, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals and obeying laws that govern the Shoreland Zone.

LakeSmart Can Doubly Benefit a Lake
Homeowners who do these things can earn the coveted LakeSmart Award, represented by a handsome blue and white sign that shows their home is helping preserve lake health. The attractive sign also shows neighbors how they, too, can protect a lake they love by modeling good stewardship practices. This communicates the thought that caring for the lake carries over into how we live day to day.

LakeSmart could make the difference for the lake you love.

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