Megunticook loon

Volunteers counting loons on the state’s annual Loon Count Day, sponsored by Maine Audubon, found stable numbers. On Megunticook Lake, 16 adults were counted along with 2 chicls. The chicks are doing well. Norton Pond had chicks hatched, but were killed by predators within days. Most days pond residents are seel 2 or 3 adult loons. The loon Pair on the Megunticook River had two eggs taken and there was fear that there would be no loon chicks again on the river.

Much to the excitement of river residents, the  pair nested again on the floating loon platform and a chick hatched and is still doing well.


MWA Executive Direetor/Lake Warden Ken Bailey is taking part in a new Audubon projecet – “The 2010 Loon Productivity Study.” We are monitoring loon pairs throughout the nesting season. Results will be posted when avaliable. For other information go to Audubon’s website at: