Protecting her youngAs we end our fiscal year, we have nearly 317 paid members. Our recent membership drive has already added many new members to the MWA family for the 2010-2011 fiscal year that ended on April 30.


 On behalf of the board of directors, I thank all of you for joining , or in some cases rejoining, MWA . As in our past newsletters we have said that we to strive to maintain a membership of 300 or more.  Please support MWA with your paid membership.


Membership dues and contributions are what sustain the Megunticook Watershed Association. Without everyone’s continued support , we would be unable to do all the work that we do.


The board of directors will continue to be conservative with our available funds, but must continue with our most important programs aimed at protecting and preserving our waters. We need everyone’s continued financial support through membership dues and contributions for this current fiscal year in order to help us meet our operating expenses.


Invasive plants continue to be on everyone’s minds, especially with the infestation discovered last fall on Damariscotta Lake – just miles from our watershed. We need to be able to continue with our summer intern program. At the time this report is being written, we have not received word on our grant money for this watercraft inspection program. More than 1,000 watercraft were inspected last summer.


Water quality monitoring has become a large expense – more than $20,000 dedicated for this year – especially with the high bacteria counts experienced in Norton Pond last summer. Testing has already begun this year in several new locations.  We must continue to look for the source or sources of the pollution.. We encourage anyone who may be so inclined to contribute to this dedicated fund.


We have been extremely lucky to have Ken Bailey as our  full time executive director. Many thanks to all who contributed to his Holiday Bonus.


 So it goes without saying: we all must remain highly vigilant and do all we can to  protect our entire Watershed.


Jill Glover, Treasurer