Snow, Snow and more Snow. After digging out I was able to “make the rounds” throughout the watershed to check on things to see how they weathered the storm. Thank goodness the snow was light or we would have had some serious issue’s with downed trees, wires and damaged cottages. Fortunately most cottages do not have a great deal of snow on their roofs due to the high winds during the storm, however in area’s of dense cover around cottages there has been some build-up. I have attached a few photo’s showing such area’s. With the threat of warmer weather and wintery mixes in our future camp owners should consider having their roofs cleaned off. This amount of snow will retain a great deal of moisture and will test even the sturdier roofs. Cottages that have valleys on their roofs have a great deal of snow build up as well.
The lake has areas of bare ice in some spots and areas of deep snow and drifts in others. I brought the patrol snowmobile to the lake (first time since 2011) and made an attempt to check on the cottages on the islands. My trip was short, the deep, light snow caused me to spend more time tugging and pulling than riding. The snowmobile was parked in it’s usual spot awaiting better riding conditions. These wintery mixes and warmer weather should make for some excellent snowmobile conditions after the snow settles.
There is still open water between the Little Fang Islands and Proctor Point, thankfully it can be seen and is not hidden by snow. I am in hopes that when people do get out on their sleds they will be aware of this. The wind caused havoc with a few ice shacks but all and all I think we weathered the storm well.
The Knox County Fish and Game Association annual ice fishing derby was scheduled for this past week-end (02/10), it had been cancelled, I have not seen a re-scheduled date as of yet.