Spring is here, yet it still seems so far away. Yes, we have the mud, the melting snow, and even the arrival of some of our ducks and geese. However, it was at this time last year that I was making “the rounds” in the Patrol Boat. Last year the official Ice Out was on March 19th, the earliest on record….I was kind of hoping for the same this year but this will not be the case. I suspect we still have a good couple of weeks before the iceout call is made. As you may know the ice edges are starting to go. In some rocky areas the ice has become unstable. There were still people fishing and snowmobiling on both Megunticook and Norton as of last weekend (23rd, 24th). The trick to this is finding a safe place to get on. Below in one of the photographs is a picture of an area where some deer had some trouble getting on shore due to the poor edge conditions.
The snowmobile has been pulled and trailered back to my house until next winter. We had a few cold nights that made the ground hard and I thought it would be a great time to retrieve the sled and avoid any mud or damage it may cause. As much as I enjoy riding this time of year in the warmer weather….I don’t particularly like to swim in it.
The open water around the Little Fang Islands has extended almost to the Rt#52 Boat Ramp. A few more warm days and some good wind and I think we will start to see a few boats in the water. I am happy to report that all of the icefishing shacks have been removed from both Megunticook and Norton, there is still two in the parking lot of the Rt#105 Boat Ramp, one of which is frozen in. People are also starting to show up at Hodson Park and trying their luck with some open water fishing as well.
In one of the pictures below you will see a few Geese sitting around growing as impatient as I am. Until we can both get out on the water I will continue to patrol the watershed by way of vehicle and foot.