What a beautiful stretch of weather we had over this past week-end, the rains finally stopped and the water levels began to slowly drop. Thursday and Friday nights on the lake were absolutely gorgeous, the weather was warm and the water was like a sheet of glass. I was surprised to see that there was not more boating activity on the lake. Being on the lake as the sun was setting each night is a constant reminder of how lucky we all are to have such a beautiful watershed that we can all enjoy (and how lucky I am to be able to enjoy it myself).
Although the boating traffic was slower then I had expected, other activities were not. There was a report of a jet-ski on the lake Thursday night racing up and down the lake by Rt#52. At the time of the call I was engaged in a pleasant conversation with a camp owner, by the time I responded to the area I discovered that to operator of the jet-ski had been advised of his wrong doing by the Rowing Club and quickly departed the area.
Friday was another great day and beautiful night on the lake. I made contact with a few paddle boarders who did not have life vests and educated them on the laws pertaining to the use of their vessel. The ledges along Rt#52 had a great deal of traffic with groups of teens hanging out and swimming.
Saturday brought with it some very warm temperatures (warmer then my liking) and several people on the lake. First thing in the morning I placed the two “Swim Area” buoys in Barrett’s cove, I had been waiting to set these out until the town placed the string buoys marking the swimming area but that task had not been completed. Realizing that there would be a great deal of boating traffic on the lake and it being the “Free Fishing Week-End”, I wanted the swimming area to be marked. The marker buoy I had placed on Dunton Rock (which had been under water) was picked up, the rock was clearly visible now that the water levels were dropping. There was still a great deal of debris in the water from the past storms and run off that I continued to pick up throughout the day. Saturday also marked the first day that Caleb Lincoln began his boat inspections at Bog Bridge.
Sunday brought with it some folks on the cliffs, a few unregistered boaters and a few life vest violations. There were several fisherman on the lake who where having luck catching both bass and trout. The eagle was on its nest near the Harkness’.
Later in the day the wind picked up and was blowing hard, this caught several kayakers and paddle boarders off guard. Fortunately there was no incident’s and all of them returned home safely.

Justin Twitchell