Rain, Rain and more Rain.
On Saturday I patrolled the watershed and started by checking all of the “expanded service’s” residence’s, after that I hit the Lake. It did not take me long to discover several boats in need of some immediate attention. Boat owners were contacted and I assisted with pulling motors and bailing boats. The water levels are extremely high and because of this there was a great deal of debris in the water and all of the buoy’s I had previously set were sitting very low in the high water. I had brought my son with me on Saturday and as I was checking the Lake for boats in need he was making a few casts with his fishing pole. He did good considering the weather, one smallmouth bass and one largemouth bass was caught.
Memorial Day brought with it some much needed sun, however the wind would not give up and with the flooded Bog Bridge boat ramp, there was not much boating traffic on the Lake. I spent most of the day adding sections of rope to the already placed buoys to adjust to the high levels of water. I also placed the last remaining buoys on the Lake (with the exception of the “Swim Area” buoys). Norton Pond seemed to have more boating traffic on it then Megunticook because of the wind. Throughout the day I spoke to a few unregistered boaters, picked up lots of debris floating in the lake and assisted Warden Merrifield in locating some subjects she was looking for. I placed a red jug as a marker on Dunton Rock (just off Lands End) due to the fact that it was just under the water line. With the high winds and waves I was nervous that a boater might not see the ledge until it was to late.

I hope you all had a great Holiday Week-End and look forward to seeing you out on the water soon. Justin Twitchell