After what I thought (and we all hoped) was a quick easy fix with the Patrol Boat, I put it back in the water last Thursday night. The following evening I spent several hours on the Lake. Just before dark the “check engine” light came on again. The next day (Saturday) I spent the day on the boat. As long as I did not let it idle it seemed to be fine. After about six hours the boat had other ideas. I was speaking to some kayakers when I noticed a few paddle boarders with no vests; I made contact with the paddle boarders and left the engine at an idle. The tone came on once again….from that point on the motor began to sputter and was not running right. I was able to limp it back to the landing site and park it. On Sunday I pulled the boat and took it back to the mechanic.

The owner of the small sail boat that the Glover’s have been storing at their home since last fall has been located. On Friday night I was having a pleasant conversation with a camp owner on Norton Pond. During this conversation she asked if I had come across a small sail boat and described it to me. I told her I had and would deliver it to her (Thank you Jill and Bill for keeping an eye out on this boat and storing it until the owner was found).
The Loon nest behind Pine Island has produced two chicks this year. On Saturday I watched as mom and dad escorted them around the cove behind the island and fed them.
I finally got a glimpse of the young eagle on the nest by the Harkness residence. It seems to still be confined to the nest but did show itself long enough for me to take a picture.

I will keep you all posted on the boat.

Justin Twitchell