It is hard to believe that “Spring” is said to be here. Temperatures are still dropping to the single digits at night and seldom rising above freezing during the day, it seems Spring may never arrive. It’s hard to believe that, two years ago, “Ice Out” was called on Megunticook on March 19th. Of course last year Ice Out was on April 10th. Given the current weather I suspect we will not see “Ice Out” for at least a few more weeks.

So there’s still time to get your Ice Out prediction into the contest. You can send your entry to or P.O. Box 443, Camden ME 04843. We will accept entries up to 24 hours before the Ice-Out time. Please, one entry per person.


There is still a great deal of ice on both Megunticook and Norton, well over a foot, however caution should still be exercised. This time of year we need to be aware that the edges of the ice may start to weaken or recede. Any “run off” areas or inlets/outlets will have a significantly less ice then other areas; and locations that have exposed structures such as rocks, downed trees etc. will begin to thaw as the sun heats these exposed structures and melts the ice around them.



For the most part things are quiet around the Watershed. Fisherman are still out in force, and have had the luxury of being able to access their favorite fishing spots with their vehicles. Usually this time of year people are scrambling to get their ice houses off the lake or pond before it is too late.


The boat is registered, the battery is charged, the buoys are calling for their chance to get back in the water. Think Spring!