Lake Warden Report from Justin:

It won’t be long now. IMG_0203 With the warmer weather, wind, and heavy rain the ice is starting to go. The area around the Little Fangs has a great deal of open water and waves can be seen on a windy day, WAVES…..I almost forgot what they looked like. It somehow gave me a warm exciting feeling, the thought of being in the boat, the smell of the water, the sound of the waves hitting the boat… will not be long now (that’s what I keep telling myself, helps with my sanity).IMG_0201

The boat has been removed from storage (thank you Dave) and brought to my home. It sits in my driveway calling my name, teasing me at every glance. The snowmobile has been removed from the Lake and stored until next Winter.
Last week I received a call about a dead deer in the water that was pinned up against the grates of the East Dam. This poor little critter must have gotten too close to the edge or fell through some thin ice and was not able to get out. The current caused the deer to be pinned up against the dam. It has since been removed.

This week-end I assisted Camden P.D. with a call from a concerned citizen, while in his yard this citizen observed a ice biker on the Lake with two dogs. The caller reported that he looked away for only a moment and when he looked back the biker and both dogs were no where to be seen. The caller was in fear that they had fallen through the ice. The last known location was between Crane Island and Lands End. Fortunately I was able to make contact with some ice boaters who were on the lake as well. They reported seeing the biker and both dogs leave the lake unharmed (and dry). Although it was a false alarm it was comforting to know that people are taking the ice conditions seriously this time of year .
If you haven’t already, it’s not to late to get your guesses in for this year’s Ice Out Contest. Send them to