Hey folks,
Here’s another bunch of critter cam pics from Justin.


We talked about running the “Critter Cam” all year round and with winter over I have been trying to find new and different locations to set the camera up to capture pictures that were something different then deer. During the patrols I located a large poplar tree on Fang Island that was approx 12″ to 14″ across that a beaver had begun chewing on. Thinking this would be a great place to set the “Critter Cam” up, I did so last week-end.
Yesterday (Monday) I spent the day on the lake setting buoy’s, before calling it a day I went over to Fang Island to check on the “Critter Cam” to see if there had been any activity. THERE WAS………I was surprised to see that the tree the beavers had been chewing on was now on the ground, I did not anticipate that a beaver would chew through this tree that fast AND, of all the directions this tree could have fallen…….yup……..it landed directly on my camera. I was able to sort through all the parts and pieces and find the memory card.
Please enjoy these pictures as they will more then likely be the most expensive pictures I will send you. From the time I set the camera up it took TWO beavers to chew through that tree in a matter a 4 evenings.