Justin’s Warden Report:

I started to place a few buoy’s out in areas that I feel are high traffic or dangerous such as the channel markers between the Little Fangs, Rock Buoy off Crane Island, Hazard Buoy of Crane Island and Rock Buoy off Fang Island. I will be placing more buoys out a few at a time over the next few weeks and plan to have them all out by Memorial Day (week-end). I “kinda” hold off on placing the majority of them out before then due to the dock crew towing multiple docks at a time around the lake. In the past, if the Buoy’s were all out too early the dock crew would inadvertently get hung up on a Buoy and end up dragging it around the Lake with the docks in tow. The Dock Crew has been poking away and getting docks out a few at a time. I spoke to them yesterday and they hope to have them all out by the holiday week-end, they are a bit behind schedule but this is due to the weather (high winds) that does not seem to want to quit.