Watershed Association
45th Annual Meeting, July 8, 2014 @ 7:00 P.M.
Camp Bishopswood

1. Introductions, Opening Remarks- President Steve Thomas
a. Greeting from Mike Douglass, Director of Bishopswood
2. Sec’y Report- Wendy (motion to accept 2013 Annual Meeting Mins.)
3. Treasurer’s Report- Jill/Paul L.
a. Reports- Balance Sheet to date
b. ’13-’14 P & L Budget versus Actual
c. ’14-’15 budget (motion to accept)
4. Nominating Committee- Didi/Paul L.
a. Presentations
b. Report on new and renewing members of the Board of Directors and resignations (motion to accept as presented)
5. Ex.Dir. Report
6. Warden’s Report
7. Presentation- Hope Douglas, Wind over Wings: Raptor Rehab
Hope Douglas is a wildlife rehabilitator at Wind Over Wings. She will bring a American Kestrel (falcon), Saw-whet Owl, Great Horned Owl, and Red-tailed Hawk to the meeting. These magnificent birds are unable to survive in their natural environment and have overcome extraordinary obstacles in their lives. Through these birds, Hope’s goal is to provide her audience a personal connection with wildlife that will foster responsible stewardship of the environment.
8. 8:15-8-30Adjourn for refreshments