It’s official, Summer has arrived. The last few week-ends have seen more and more activity on the Lake and I suspect the same this coming week-end as the current weather is going to break and bring sunshine both Saturday and Sunday. Believe it or not, after that will the be the week-end of the 4th of July. I look forward to the boat parade on Norton and hope for a fun filled and safe week-end of events on the Lake.

Recent rainstorms both a week ago and in the last 24 hours has caused the lake water level to rise rapidly. I have received many calls of concern for the nesting Loons due to the high water levels. I am happy to report that I spotted a Loon chick with both parents near Little and Lutz Island, I had the pleasure of watching as one of the parents was catching small fish and feeding it to its young. The Loon on Norton was still on it’s nest last week-end and I am in hopes that we will soon see a little one (or two) in the near future (if they are not already out and about). There has been activity on the eagle nest, one of the pictures below shows the head of what I believe to be a young eagle in the nest……pray for the Loon baby’s.

The high water had caused me to move a few buoy’s around so they would be more visible. Last Monday I made a trip to Richmond (Dept. of Conservation) and picked up a few new buoys (Swim Area and Headway Speed) to replace a few that are not in the best of shape.
A large piece of floating grass was uprooted and sent adrift from behind Pine Island (due to high waters) and was seen floating down the Lake. The large piece of earth was aprox 30 feet across and could have caused serious property damage to anything in it’s path. Fortunately it found its way to a nice little secluded cove next to the Leeper property without causing any such damage. (Note from Leepers: We don’t need anymore real estate, the floating island may be towed back from whence it came!)

Fisherman are catching bass quite regularly around the Lake and Pond and I have seen and heard many success stories. There are still a few out trolling for trout and they too are having some luck. Boating traffic is picking up, water skiers and tubers are seen often. The occasional headway speed violation, no spotter, or lack of PFD’s are keeping me busy. I have been getting rave reviews about our new high school student Watershed Stewards at the boat ramps in just the short amount of time they have been working. People are happy to have the presence and they seem to be eager to work. I have gotten a few calls about how impressed people were with the amount of effort being put in to their duties at the boat ramp.

I recently met with the Coastal Mountain Land Trust’s Summer Stewart, Randi Fine and the two of us took a nice boat ride and shared notes and ideas for the up coming summer months and worked out how we will best work with each other. I have a meeting on Saturday morning at Bishopswood to meet the summer staff where I will be making a presentation about water safety and other concerns. Sunday I will be the “sweep boat” for the boat race that will begin at Barretts Cove.

I will see you on the Lake