Lake Warden Report from Justin.

It doesn’t seem possible but July is half over. Minus a few rain storms here and there we have had a great stretch of weather. The 4th went well and there was a great turnout for the Norton Pond Pond boat parade. The Annual meeting, although hot, had a great turnout as well and the bird presentation was a great addition. I would like to thank Jill Glover and Steve Thomas for their service as Treasurer and President of the Megunticook Watershed Association, it has been a pleasure working with you both.

As of Sunday the Loon nest on Norton Pond was still active along with the nest on Echo Island. I hope that they will be successful and we will soon see a few more baby loons around the Lake. The baby loon near the Wiley Bog area is growing fast and seems to be changing every day. The annual state-wide Loon Count will be held this Saturday, July 19th, this will be the 31st year.

Boat traffic has really picked up around the Lake and Pond. I am seeing fewer and fewer paddle boarders without life vests but still encountering several boaters without enough for each person aboard their vessel. With the exception of some Headway Speed violations and “spotter” issues, everything is going well and there has not been any reported accidents or injuries….lets hope that continues. Our Courtesy Boat Inspectors at the boat ramps are doing well and I continue to hear great things about them on the Lake.

If you have not already noticed there is a VERY large floating grass island near Pine Island. For the moment this land mass seems to be stuck in place but we are not sure for how long. Saturday, with the help from Mr. Ledwith, I made an attempt to anchor it. Using a plank to walk on, a 50 lbs mushroom anchor and a long piece of rope Mr. Ledwith and I was able to secure it the best we could. Attempts will be made to remove this floating Island (somehow) before it causes a serious problem.

There is a great deal of debris in the water, this past week-end I removed three large logs floating in the water that were just under the surface. They were large enough so I had to use a rope and tow them in to shore because they were too heavy to lift. With rain in the forecast please use caution while on the lake and keep your eyes open, hitting one off these at any speed could be dangerous.