July is gone, I am not sure where it went or how August got here so quickly.  The Lobster Festival is in full swing in Rockland (stay away if you want to keep your sanity intact) and before you know it the Union Fair will be here, the tell tale sign that Summer is coming to an end.  One thing is for sure we have had some great weather the past several weeks and people have taken full advantage of it, enjoying their time on the Lake.
    LoonTwins For those of you who may not have seen them yet, our Loon nest on Echo Island was finally successful, there is now a pair of baby Loons swimming around.  This was no doubt a “re-nest” given how late this hatch was and I am in hopes that they will survive and mature enough to make it out before the winter weather sets in.  These little chicks are like a magnet and have the power to draw you in for a closer look.  Please make every effort possible to keep your distance and allow them to be as stress free as possible.  Paul and I have already received several calls from concerned citizens about people getting too close to these little fellas, together maybe we can work together and help them out as much as we can.
     The large floating mass of land that was anchored by Pine Island was successfully moved to a safer and hopefully permanent location.  Last Sunday Paul and I tackled this project using his boat and the Lake boat.  I had two large home made hooks made up that were used to get a good bite on the land mass, tying off on both hooks Paul and I were able to tow and push the Island back into the bog and tie it off to Land.  The hooks are still in place and with any luck the Island will re-root in its new location and we will never have to deal with it again (fingers crossed).
     The YMCA has placed a large swimming course on the lake next to Barrett’s Cove.  This was something that was brought to my attention several weeks ago, I met with the representative from the Y at the suggested sight location where we went over ideas and safety concerns.  The plan was then proposed to the Camden Code Enforcement Officer who approved.  It is now in place and I am hoping that it will bring happiness to several young swimmers in the YMCA program.
See you on the Lake