From Justin:

Early Tuesday morning I received a call from a concerned citizen in reference to a Loon that appeared to be in distress in Barrett’s Cove. As a result I hopped in the boat in an attempt to locate the Loon in question. It did not take me long to locate the Loon as it was sticking close to shore and acting very lethargic. After a closer look I observed a great deal of fishing line around the head and neck of the loon. I contacted Paul Leeper and asked for assistance in trying to catch the Loon, I also called Avian Haven and had them on stand-by in the event the Loon was successfully captured so it could be transported to their facility.
Using a net Paul and I made several attempts to catch this loon, it was not, however, cooperating with us. It was still able to dive and we were SO close SO many times but ultimately unsuccessful. As a result I ran into town and was able to purchase a throw net; Paul constructed a much longer handled net and we went out again later that day to give it another go. This time the Loon was having nothing to do with us. After several more attempts the Loon decided it had enough and flew away down the Lake and it’s whereabouts are currently unknown.
In your travels on or around the Lake please keep your eyes open for this Loon. If you think you have spotted it please contact either Paul or me so we can make more attempts to rescue this Loon and get it to Avian Haven.
This morning (08/07) I responded to #265 Beaucaire Ave in Camden after learning about a fire at the residence there. Upon my arrival I observed that the residence in question was a complete loss and Camden Fire crews were still on scene trying to extinguish the last remaining flames. It is unknown at this time the actual cause of the fire. The residence/cottage was unoccupied and has been for some time. There was power to the building from the main line but after talking to one of the owners in Maryland it seems that there was no power in the building (main breaker shut off). A representative from the Fire Marshall’s Office and one from the Forest Rangers Service are responding to the scene in attempt to determine the cause of the fire.