Warden’s Report from Justin:

Well it’s that time of year again (love it), I have started to remove buoys from the Lake.  To date every marker buoy north of Teal Rock has been removed from the Lake and Norton Pond.  I am happy to report another year has gone by without the loss or damage of a single buoy.  For those of you that do not know, I use new rope every year and electrical tape every knot.  Prior to the MWA “taking over” the buoy program it seemed I was always chasing a broken-free buoy or having to find a replacement for one that broke free and was damaged. Having the buoys stored all winter in the Jones’s boat house has made such a huge difference in the ease of this process. Thank you Hillary and David.

Removing the buoys is a dirty job and the boat takes the brunt of it.  I remove four to five buoys at a time and take them to the boat house where I then scrub them clean of all the slime.  This was never done in the past (in my time) and it makes all the difference in the world the next spring when it is time to start handling them again.  I also have the luxury of storing them so they stand upright which allows any water to drain that was collected inside the buoy.

I am in hopes of having all the buoys removed from the Lake, cleaned and stored, by next week. Please use caution if you are going to venture out on to the Lake, the water is lower now and not having the buoys present could result in a busted up prop.  And just because there are no “Headway Speed” buoys present does not mean that the law no longer applies…….boaters unclear on this concept could be seen with-in minutes of removing them.

Note:  The new camera seems to be fitting the needs so far, it does not have the zoom capabilities the old one had but it takes a very nice picture.



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