Warden’s Report

Heat Wave!

Yesterday’s temperatures really started to get the blood pumping, kinda makes me think that there is such a thing as Spring and that it might actually make it’s way here at some point.  I have moved more snow and logged more hours behind a shovel this year then any year I can remember.  BUT….there are only 16 more days until Spring is here (so my calender says) and this week-end Daylight Saving Time begins.

     Keeping the snowmobile dug out and ready to go at a moments notice has proven to be a full time job as well but I have been able to get out and put a few miles on.  I have been working with Warden Merrifield this year in an attempt to buckle down on ice shacks that are not properly posted with the owner’s name and address.  To date, there is one on Megunticook and one on Norton that are in violation, each of these have been photographed and I have even left a nice friendly reminder note in each one advising the owner of the violation.  I am in hopes that the owners will comply on their own and hope even more that the shacks will not need to be removed with the boat.
     The “Critter Cam” is more active then ever and I think the deer can feel the change in the air.   Just about every time I am out on the sled I can see deer moving across the lake or around the shore lines.  Last weeks “Critter Cam” pictures provided 1,818 pictures in just six days, I think I have it in a good spot.
     Tuesday night’s storm left us with a small amount of snow but that snow was heavy and wet. With warmer weather (hopefully) coming our way, existing snow will be getting heavier and more packed.  For any of you who have not had the time or the means to clean the snow off your camp/cottage yet, now may be the time to try to make arrangements to get this done.  Luckily most of our storms have brought light fluffy snow, but a bunch of it. If we start to put some of this heavy wet snow on top of that it might be the “straw that breaks that camel’s back”.
     The “Ice Out” contest is out and is posted on our web page,  on our Facebook page, and in the paper as well.  The entries have already started to pour in with guesses ranging from March to May……This year there is a very generous prize for both first and second place so don’t forget to post your guess to “lakewarden@megunticook.org” , pick the day AND the time ice will go out and win a prize.  I will also be calling the date for “Ice Out” on Chickie as well, where there will be a prize given  (offered by the newspaper).
     On Sunday, March 8th the Knox County Fish And Game Association will be hosting their annual Ice Fishing Derby.  This will be held at Beaver Lodge in Hope.  For more information check out their web page.
Start preparing yourself for mud.