It is hard to believe that Memorial Day Weekend is here, it seems just yesterday we were complaining about all the snow and cold.  The last couple of weeks have gone by very fast and had provided us with some great weather, just last weekend I saw a few kids swimming.  With the water surface temperatures hovering right around 60 degrees I think I might wait just a bit longer to take the first plunge of the year.  The warm weather has brought out many fisherman and the lake saw it’s first bass fishing tournament during the last weekend of April.  During the last week or so I have seen a great deal of kayakers and paddle boarders as well.

     All the navigational aids are in…..with the exception of the “swim area” buoys on Norton pond. The town of Camden has placed the swim area string buoys off the beach and will be placing the swim dock very soon.  Each year when the buoys are placed out on the water I use all new rope and each knot is taped with electrical tape at the base of the weight and at the base of the buoy. This may be a little “over-kill” but I have yet to lose a buoy. It takes aprox. 450 feet of rope and 5 rolls of tape to complete this project each year.
     By this time of year, after all the projects are done the boat is every color but white.  This past week-end I pulled the boat and brought it over to the Rockport Town garage and gave it it’s Spring cleaning (Rockport has a great industrial heated pressure washer). A few bottles of bleach and a few hours later the boat was once again white-er (just in time for it to turn yellow from all the pollen). On the way back to the Lake I stopped by Adventure Advertising and had them place an “A” on the boat that fell off some time last fall.  They were kind enough to complete this task at no charge. The Patrol Boat is back in the water and looking like new ready for the Summer to get underway.
     Before long the the boat ramps will be a buzz of activity, all the favorite picnic and swimming spots will be filled and the constant hum of outboard engines will be heard from daylight to dark.  Before venturing out on the water please be sure that your vessel is registered, this years registration stickers are Green.  Make sure you have enough life vests on board to accommodate each person in your vessel and always operate with safety as your first priority.  If you are going to be using a paddle board please remember that a PFD is required.  And please remember that when operating a motor boat with-in 200 feet from shore you must be at “Headway Speed”. (the slowest possible speed but still being able to maintain control and steering of your boat”.
     There are new laws that are in effect as it pertains to the use of lead fishing tackle.  Before going out check your tackle box and remove any lead sinkers, jigs or lures to avoid being in violation.  These new laws can be found at the Maine’s Inland Fisheries and Wildlife web-site and on the Lead Sinkers page .
     Cody Laite and I will be out all Summer long monitoring activity on the Watershed.  I look forward to seeing you all out on the water and please have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.


Lake Warden
Justin Twitchell