Hey folks,

We’re starting a page (Across the Top) called Critter Facts.  Members will be writing brief articles about critters in the watershed that interest them.  Check in often to see what’s up!  And if you want to share your knowledge of a certain critter send me a note at paul@megunticook.org .  The first one is about Mayflies, brought to us by Amy Campbell.

Here’s a taste:

St. Peter welcomed a new arrival at the gates of heaven. He said, “Congratulations, you have been selected to be reincarnated as a mayfly. Have a nice day!”

If people other than fly fishermen know anything about mayflies, it is the fact that they live very short lives as an adult, usually just a day or two at most. There is even a species whose females live for a brief five minutes, not time enough for a cup of coffee.

Mayflies, insects that are inspiration for many fly-fishing lures,  for more go here   Critter facts