Lakesmart-plaque Volunteer NowLakeSmart- Lake Friendly Landscaping for Healthy Lakes and Ponds

The LakeSmart program was started in 2003 as a way to encourage shorefront property owners to use lake-friendly practices at their home or camp. The entire property – driveway, structures, septic system, lawn, buffer, and shorefront – is evaluated, and properties that score well in all areas receive a LakeSmart award and the sign as shown above. Just as important, the evaluation includes recommendations to help homeowners make their property more lake-friendly. It’s important to note that this program is an educational program, not an enforcement program.

A primary benefit of these lake-friendly practices is to reduce erosion and runoff to the lake, which in turn reduces phosphorous inputs to the lake. The MWA started our LakeSmart Program this year and already have 6 award winners! Check back soon fior our Award Announcements.

LakeSmart evaluations are conducted by volunteers from around Megunticook Lake and Norton Pond. Volunteer evaluators are always needed for this program (training is provided) and, as always, MWA members are encouraged to have their properties evaluated.

How do I participate?

Contact your MWA @ 207-592-8540 or to schedule your free evaluation.

Why should I have my property evaluated?

To protect the lake and pond! The LakeSmart process will give you ideas and technical assistance to make your property more lake-friendly in addition to recognizing the work you have already done. If you qualify for the LakeSmart award, your property will serve as an example for other lakefront neighbors and residents and encourage them to take action. We think every homeowner concerned about protecting their lake should have a LakeSmart evaluation.

How is the evaluation scored?

Properties are scored in four categories: driveway and parking area, structures and septic system, lawn, recreation areas, and paths, and shorefront and buffer area. Properties scoring over 67% in all four categories receive the LakeSmart award. There is also a bonus recognition category for undeveloped land.

I don’t think I’ll get the award.

Should I still have an evaluation? Absolutely! Even if you don’t qualify for the full award, the evaluation will give you ideas on how to help protect your lake.  Every little bit you do helps!  Besides, you might be wrong!


Duff and gravel filled stairway to slow down runoff containing contaminates

Is there any obligation?

No. The LakeSmart evaluation is simply an opportunity to learn how lake-friendly your property is and get ideas on how you can help protect your lake. It’s not an enforcement action. No one gets ratted out to the Code Enforcement Officer


A mulch bed and meandering walkway to the water to slow down runoffin

How else can I help?

Contact the MWA to become a volunteer LakeSmart evaluator. The MWA will provide the training free of charge. And yes, you can volunteer even if you don’t have a LakeSmart award.


Planting along a roof drip edge to control runoff

How can I get started with LakeSmart?

Contact your MWA @ 207-592-8540 or to schedule your free evaluation.
You’ve made the decision to have your property evaluated but you cannot be present during the evaluation. No problem… you can complete a LakeSmart Pre-evaluation Questionnaire, have your property evaluated even if you can’t be there, and email your completed Questionnaire back to the MWA LakeSmart evaluator.

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