A Swimming Advisory has been posted for the Barrett’s Cove Swim Area.  https://www.megunticook.org/index.php/water-testing-swimming-advisories/  The site is being retested and the results will be posted as soon as they are available.

We always caution that if a person has a compromised immune system then they should take that into consideration.

Things you can do to avoid Water Borne Illnesses:

Avoid swallowing beach water and try not to let any get in your mouth.

Change diapers away from the water’s edge—in a bathroom if possible —and dispose of in a sanitary manner; germs can spread if dirty diapers are not sealed properly.

Wash your hands with soap and water, liquid hand sanitizers, or sanitary wipes after using the bathroom or cleaning children.

Take your kids on bathroom breaks often—sometimes “I have to go” means it’s already too late!

Feel nauseous or have diarrhea? Don’t swim.

Be aware that contamination of the water is typically the worst following significant rainfall. To avoid risk, consider staying out of the water 48 hours following a significant rain event.

Clean up pet waste