Lake Warden Report, August 12, 2015-

Here we are in mid August, where did this summer go?  It’s hard to believe that there are only three and a half short weeks to go until Labor Day.  The end of July and so far this August the weather has provided us with some great conditions for people to get out and enjoy time on the water.  However with the exception of the last 24 hours or so we have had little to no rain to speak of and because of this the water levels are very low.  The rocks through the narrows between Megunticook and Norton seem to get a little shinier every time I go through, I suspect there has been a great many boaters wishing they never made that journey this year.  Other areas around the lake that never really used to be of concern are now shallow enough to cause concern.  Please use caution when operating your boat and especially when towing skiers or tubers.
I am happy to report that our baby Loons seem to be doing very well.  Our youngest loon by Heald’s island is now able to dive making it that much safer from threats in the sky.  I am still seeing folks getting a little too close at times trying to get a better look, or that perfect picture. Please be respectful and keep your distance.  Last week I watched as three different vessels all but surrounded a loon and a baby, all trying to get the best view possible. I took another report of a few young swimmers diving under the water a coming up almost under one of our loons causing it a great deal of stress.  These critters take a great deal of effort to stay out of our way and we should do the same.
I am still encountering paddle boarders on the water who do not have the required PFD on board with them.  Please help me get the word out any way you can.  There are so many people still just getting into this sport, most of them have no idea that a PFD is needed.  Also, just as a reminder, any area within 200 feet from shore is considered a “headway speed area”, not just the areas that are marked with the “headway speed” markers.
Our assistant lake warden Cody, and I have been patrolling the watershed all summer long.  This past week-end Cody paired up with one of our local Game Wardens and made contact with several fisherman.  There were a great deal of contacts made with “renters” or visitors that did not have a fishing license.  Even if you are fishing for just one day a State of Maine fishing license is required, a three day license can be purchased (to save a little money).  Please make sure you have a license before casting that pole.
I encountered a jet ski on the lake a few weeks back, a couple from out of state thought they would go for a nice ride on the Lake.  That ride was cut short and they were promptly escorted back to the boat ramp.  Two new “NO Jet Ski” signs have been placed in highly visible area’s in hopes that this will not happen again.
School will be starting soon and activity on the watershed will begin to slow down.  With only a few more week-ends left in August I hope the weather continues to hold and you all have a SAFE and happy experience.

Lake Warden
Justin Twitchell

PS:  A special thanks to Doug Kahn who took time out of his day to provide me and my son with a beautiful plane ride around the watershed and surrounding area.
Thank you Mr. Kahn.