Here is a slightly edited version of an article in the summer issue of the Maine Lakes News Digest available through the website, Mr. Lakefront.

Those of us who own lakefront properties or use the water resources in the watershed are appreciative of all the beauty and recreation that we are so fortunate to have before us and experience. Unfortunately, unless we all take steps to become better stewards, these resources will not persist in the pristine manner which we love and are accustomed to. If we start to understand how our watershed influences us and what influence we have on it, we can learn to take better care of it all. We ALL have a vested interest in fostering stewardship of our beloved waterways, whether it is Megunticook Lake, Norton Pond or the Megunticook River.

Below are seventeen ways you can become a better steward of the lake, pond and river:

1. Join the Megunticook Watershed Association. You can keep up to date on our activities and learn how the association works to benefit the watershed in different ways. You don’t have to own property to be a member!
2. Volunteer to inspect boats at the boat ramps – at Rt. 52 or Bog Bridge on the lake, or at Breezemere Park on Norton Pond. These areas are possible venues for invasive water plants to be introduced inadvertently. You can educate boaters how to prevent their spread no matter where they launch their boat whether it’s a motorboat, kayak, canoe or any other watercraft of which there seem to be more and more.

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