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Well that was quick!  Yesterdays storm actually started Tuesday night and continued all day Wednesday.  For a local story go here: http://www.penbaypilot.com/article/rainstorm-swamps-boats-closes-roads-harbormasters-urge-boaters-check-vessels/59979  In short, we got lots of rain in a short amount of time.  Folks in Hope measured 10.5″ in a 24 hour period.  Appleton reported 9.6″,  Searsport reported 9.7″.

Needless to say all the watershed tributaries quickly flooded over their banks and water poured into the lake and pond.  Tuesday night the water level was 32″ below the spillway,  Wednesday afternoon it risen 15″ and this morning it was 4 inches below the spillway.  Here’s a video of the water going under the Bailey Bridge:

I talked to the Town yesterday regarding the water level.  They quickly filled the river upstream of Seabright and have continued to open the dam gates at all dams to pass water.  Obviously they are using the lake as a storage reservoir so as to not flood Camden.  They still plan and getting the water level to the fall/winter level (20-25″ below spillway) when they can get the water under control.

So if you need to get floats and boats out of the water now is the time as the water may be going down again. Unless of course Mother Nature has different plans, Hurricane Joaquin???

Here’s a video of “water under the bridge” at Bailey Bridge between Norton and Megunticook and some pics