EXEC. DIR | LAKE WARDEN: 207-522-8794 aaron@megunticook.org
Monday morning I got a early start on the lake in an attempt to get the rest of the navigational aids (buoys) off the lake and stored for the winter.  The morning started with mid 20 degree temperatures and a brisk breeze….not the best day to spend with your hands in the water all day.  I met the Camden Town crew at Barrett’s Cove as we pulled the swim float and swim area buoys and from there I began to pull the remaining navigational aids from the lake.  Each buoy was removed, scrubbed clean and stored until next spring.
     While removing the buoys in the channel off the Rt#105 boat ramp something caught my eye, some movement from shore, something big.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a Bull and Cow moose make their way from the woods to the shoreline of the lake.  I sat in the boat and watched as the two moose scanned the area and then walked into the water.  Fumbling for my camera I watched as these two magnificent creatures continued their journey across the water, not caring at all that I was there.  They swam right past the patrol boat with a destination in mind not giving it a second thought.  A short time later they had reached the other shore and made their way back in to the woods.  For that 5-10 minutes I did not care how cold my fingers were; if there was one single thing that could have made that morning any more beautiful, with the fall foliage and all the colors…..that was it.  You just never know what you might see out on patrol.
     All the buoys are in and stored for the winter, the lake has been drawn down to fall levels.  Please use caution if you are out on the water, there are no longer any markers to show the many hazards or channels on the lake.   Stay safe and stay warm.

Lake Warden
Justin Twitchell