Where’s the Winter Weather?

Well it’s that time of year again (I think), the boat has been removed from the water and given its bleach bath and cleaning.  The Rockport Town garage was gracious enough to allow me to once again use their indoor facility to clean the boat with their hot water pressure washer making the cleaning process as enjoyable as it can be.  By the end of the year the boat is a disgusting mess with all the dried dirt and slime from the Navigational Aid (buoy) removal.  I am happy to report that the boat is once again white and has been taken to Don’s Outboard to be winterized and shrink wrapped for the winter.

     November was good to the Twitchell Family as my youngest got his first deer on his first ever hunt on Youth Day, my oldest tagged out with a nice buck on the last day of rifle season, and I tagged out with a little buck on the 2nd to last day of the muzzle loading season…(yes my son showed me up…wouldn’t have it any other way).

Usually this time of year I am sending out a warning/reminder about ice conditions and to be safe but this year the mild weather has me thinking I should be out in the boat.  Last year “Ice In” was called on Norton Pond on December 31st.  Megunticook was later, January 7th.  I have a feeling that unless something drastic happens with our current weather conditions we won’t be seeing “Ice In” for a while.

     Going forward I will be conducting property checks by way of vehicle and foot patrols.  I will begin placing property cards at the start of the new year and with any luck I will get the chance to finish the job using the snowmobile.
I hope you all have a happy and safe Christmas with your families and a wonderful New Year
Ice Safety