Can you believe this weather?

Here we are into February and I have yet been able to call “Ice In” for Megunticook Lake and Chickawaukee Pond. As I am writing this I am watching the rain fall as the thermometer reads in the upper 30’s. (there are some high winds expected today). Tomorrow they are saying temperature’s could get up to 50 degrees again with the possibility of another rain shower…..this is not the February that I remember growing up, some people love it, others want their winter back…I just want people to be aware and safe if they have any thoughts about venturing out onto the hard water.
As you can see in the pictures below, Megunticook is still VERY open off the Rt#52 side and by the outlet dams. I suspect any place that has an inlet or outlet is unsafe, along with those areas around exposed rocks. I have seen people fishing on Megunticook, even seen them on snowmobiles and four wheelers,  but most all of them have been on the northwestern end of the lake where it has been frozen for some time.
The good news is that I have not had to make a single phone call to a camp/cottage owner advising them that their roof needs to be shoveled. Walking into some of these areas has been easy (compared to last year at this time), now I just have to make sure I don’t get stuck in the mud. I am continuing to place Property Cards around the lake and pond and conducting my security checks for the winter. The snowmobile is still parked at my house (now on the grass) and I’m not sure if it will ever see a 2016 Registration Sticker.
Please use extreme caution if you feel as though you need to go out on to the ice. Be safe, stay dry, tell a friend if you are going to go. Norton Pond should still be OK and parts of Megunticook too…..but please check to make sure before you go.

Lake Warden
Justin Twitchell

PS-  Here are some Critter Cam pics too