4-25-16-04The MWA Board is pleased to announce the hiring of Dale Dougherty as our new Lake Warden.  Dale, a native of Camden, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience about the watershed to the job.  Dale is the son of Carleton Dougherty, a founding member of the Association.  Dale grew up on Megunticook Lake and Norton Pond fishing, hunting, and boating.  He was good friends with Ken Bailey and helped him many times over the years rescuing loose boats and floats, and cleaning up the shore line of old foam, floating lumber, and trees.

Dale has worked in the marine trades for many years, and has captained boats out of Islesboro and Camden.  He also was the head alpine ski coach at Camden Rockport high school for over 20 years.

Currently Dale is working with outgoing Warden Justin, learning the job.  Dale says he hopes he can continue the great work started by Ken Bailey, and continued by Justin, keeping the Megunticook Watershed a safe and beautiful place to live, work and play for

Justin will be on the job training Dale until June 1st.  So you will be seeing Warden reports from both Justin and Dale.  After June 1st Justin will be filling in as needed.

So if you see Dale out and about in the patrol boat wave him over and introduce yourself!