Hello what a great summer, warm temperatures and blue skies!  The lake was busy most of the summer, weekends are the busiest but a couple of Thursdays were very busy also. On  many occasions over the summer the boat ramps  were very busy, cars lining both sides of the roads after the parking lots filled up. Please don’t leave car or truck on the ramp after you launch, move it to the parking lot.  It will be towed away if it’s blocking the operation of the launching area.
The water level on the lake is getting low; rain has been almost non-existent this summer, a few thunder showers now and then, a little bit of fog, but that’s about it. The water level on the lake held strong through most of July but August we have seen a large decline which now measures 18 – 20 inches below the pollen line of June. Hopefully we will catch up quickly this fall with some rainy weather.  The water temperature at the lake got up to 79 degrees and now as dropped to about 75. As the lake water cools the fishing should pick up. Fall is a great time  to fish, some of the best fishing of the year.
The Bay Chamber Concert on the lake was a huge success with everything from rowboats to big party barges. Kids, family, and friends swimming, eating, and just enjoying the show.  Thanks to everyone who came and those who missed it may have an opportunity if it returns next year
Have a great late summer, hope to see you on the water, be safe . Lake Warden Dale

PS Answer to the mystery sound?  Boy we got guesses covering almost all forms of life.  It was juvenile Barred Owls begging for food from Mom and Dad.  They had just learned to fly but still hung together and were receiving food from the parents.  Since then they have started “hooting”, more like caterwauling at each other.  The winner is…. Alleson Bixler!  You get a free MWA hat!

Here’s a link for more info on Barred Owls:  https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Barred_Owl/id