Sad news from Avian Haven. Looking for a news year resolution?  Get rid of all the lead in your tackle box.



COLO 2418 Megunticook Lake
The Common Loon rescued from Megunticook Lake on Friday, December 16, did not survive her encounter with lead fishing tackle. She died overnight last night.

This is the sinker we flushed from her gizzard, a 1/8-ounce chunk of illegal fishing gear. The sale AND use of this type of gear was banned in 2013. Please be informed of Maine laws regarding the use of lead fishing tackle. Even if you don’t fish, it’s important information to know, and share.

Fish Lead-Free is a region-wide initiative to help anglers switch to lead-free tackle:

The State of Maine Lead Sinker Law and its interpretation:

Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes for the loon. It is always a terrible heartbreak for everyone at Avian Haven when our best efforts are futile, and we lose one of these innocent beauties.