Get yer Ice Out guess in yet?? The lake is opening up and there are signs of spring everywhere. However… in the interests of full disclosure, NOAA weather has issued a Hazardous Weather Advisory. Tomorrow’s high is predicted to be 9 degrees with wind gusts to 45 mph. Oh, and plowable snow Tuesday and Wednesday.

But, getting back to spring and the Ice Out Contest. The Canada Geese are flying around looking for open water, and the Turkey Vultures have returned to the cliffs on Megunticook. So be a prognosticator and send in your guess as to the day and time the ice will be out on Megunticook. Send your guess to, Dale is the final arbiter of Ice Out.

Thanks to member Roger Wickenden for the pics from Maiden’s Cliff. Here’s a link to a quick video from last weekend along the Turnpike when it was 10 degrees and blowing Colddd!

Be safe and see you on the water (maybe soon?)