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Megunticook Watershed, Early Spring-  Around the watershed the annual Spring chores, raking leaves ,chainsawing downed trees, and getting the floats and ramps in place are getting done despite the cold and wet weather.  Many folks have remodeling, painting and roofing projects underway.  Some have been working all winter but many are spring jobs starting after the roads became passable.

Megunticook Rowing has started its season. The rowers can be seen most afternoons sliding along with the teams working on the rhythm and speed for upcoming races. The ROCKY HILL BASS ANGLERS were out on the lake fishing recently.  I talked to a few about the catch but the fishing was very slow with little to show for their time and effort.  Trout fishing on the lake has also been slow with some nice fish caught but not many fishermen braving the cold and wet conditions.  Water temperatures have slowly risen into the low 50s.

Loons are pairing up getting ready to claim and defend their nesting territories.  The loud cries we hear can be the loons fending off other birds trying to move in on their nesting spot.  They can get very aggressive at this time of year so be careful. Loons nest very close to the water’s edge because they walk so poorly on land.  Often their nests are only a few inches above the water . POWER BOAT WAKES can very easily flood or wash the loons nest away.  So take a look at your boat’s wake, if it’s over a foot tall it could destroy a loons nest . Last year we only had 2 loon chicks survive the summer so we all need to help them the best we can. Slow Down and Enjoy the Watershed!

We have eagles nesting again in the watershed after a break of a couple of years.  Have not seen or heard any sign of eaglets yet but let’s keep our fingers crossed, it’s still early in the season.

Finally, from the Maine Lakes Society, “Take a Break, Put down your Rake, and Save the Lake! Limit lawn size, mow less often and keep the mower bar high, leave grass clippings in place of fertilizer, don’t rake within 75 feet of shore.”

Stay safe and see you on the water   Dale Dougherty  Lake Warden