On April 28th the Megunticook Watershed Association (MWA) assisted Ashwood Waldorf School parents and students in a Megunticook Lake Shoreline Clean-up.

As part of their Serv-A-Thon community service project, students went out in MWA boats and combed the shoreline for litter, construction debris and lost items.

Participants included: Gabe and Evelyn Wheeler and mother Jessica, Alistar Levitt and his parents, Jennifer Van Larkin and Eric Levitt, Jonathon Troutman and his mother Sarah, Mazy Howell and her grandmother Carol Howell, Anna and Elsie Hildrith, and Aiden Wyman.

All three boats were filled to overflowing with litter. The most frequent item collected was old styrofoam from docks and swim floats. Other items included a chair, an old float, a tractor tire, and numerous bottles and cans.

The Megunticook Watershed Association thanks the students and parents of the Ashwood Waldorf School for helping keep the watershed clean!