The water is getting warmer now and lots of people are out swimming. The Megunticook Watershed Association urges boaters to be vigilant and always know what is ahead of them. When waterskiing and tubing, state law requires boaters to have a spotter on board. The boat driver should concentrate on where they’re going, NOT on what’s happening at the end of the tow rope.

When open water swimming, folks should follow these guidelines:

• swimming parallel and close to shore
• swim with a spotter (boat, kayak, canoe, or paddle board) or swim in “pods” to increase visibility
• if swimming alone, at the very least, where bright colored swim caps. Better yet, use a tethered float for visibility.  We have great swim caps for sale, just email me at paul@megunticook.org and I’ll get you one.

Swim Caps $10

Please remind family, friends, and renters of these common sense guidelines. Let’s all play safe on the water!

Here are a couple of links to tethered floats that can be used when swimming:

Amazon- Swimmer Float