The cold, snow, then rain patterns over the winter made for a long tough winter. We did not have any large snow events.  Six inches was about the max with even less in downtown Camden.  Most of the snow storms ended with rain.  Driveways were coated with ice many times and would build up several inches deep making it tough to get around without a fall or crash.  The area around Fang Island and Crane Island did not freeze over until the 20th of January.  The north end of the lake iced up in mid December and built enough ice to stay frozen all winter as did Norton Pond.  The Knox county fishing derby was held on February 16.  A beautiful warm sunny day drew out a large number of fisherfolk. The weigh in was at Beaver lodge on Alford Lake late in the afternoon.

A rare sighting of a Bobcat was captured on a game camera on the mountain in Lincolnville.  This same camera also had several coyotes or coydogs. The photos are a little fuzzy but clearly a big cat.  Hunting for sheds is popular this time of year.  Sheds are deer antlers that have done their job, and just fall off the bucks and are left on the ground.  Dogs can and will find antlers and retrieve them like trophies and love to chew on them.  Look around when out in the woods and fields you may get lucky and find some.

The Canada Geese have returned and can be seen on the lower river. Ducks, mostly Mallards are on the river year round.  Sea Ducks are occasionally seen diving on the river ln small patches of open water.  Bald Eagles are around the watershed all winter looking to steal a fish left on the ice from unaware fishermen and women.  If the eagles can’t get the big fish they’ll settle for the baitfish discarded on the ice at the end of the day.

I am looking for a small utility trailer to haul the association`s snowmobile.  If anybody has or knows of one please contact Paul or Dale with info

Thanks for your time.  See you (from a safe distance) on the water soon!

Dale Dougherty- Megunticook Watershed Association