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The “Ice Out” was called today, April 15th at 9:55 this morning. The recent high winds and warm weather put a quick end to any remaining ice. There was a small thin band of ice the stretched from Lutz Island to the mainland that finally gave way this morning (in the wind and rain).IMG_0216IMG_0212

As far as the contest……..there were many entries, guesses from the end of March to the beginning of May. The majority of the guesses were for April and surprisingly there were several that were VERY close to the date and time.

AND THE WINNER IS…………………………IMG_0219

First place goes to: Deena Lufkin
Deena guessed April 15th at 9:00 A.M.

Second place goes to: Sean Day
Sean guessed April 15th at 2:00 P.M.

Third place goes to: Tracy Wickwire
Tracy guessed April 15th at 3:06 P.M.

Deena wins a $100.00 gift certificate from Maine Sport and a years subscription to the Camden Herald. Sean wins a $50.00 check from the Megunticook Watershed Association. Thanks to Maine Sport and the Camden Herald for providing prizes.

-Chickawaukie Lake went out on April 12th at 10:50 A.M.
-Grassy Pond went out on April 13th
-Hobbs Pond went out on April 14th
-Alfred Lake went out on April 15th at 2:45 P.M.
-Hosmer Pond went out on April 15th
-Norton Pond went out on April 15th

Justin Twitchell
Megunticook Watershed Association Lake Warden



We’re Getting Close!

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Lake Warden Report from Justin:

It won’t be long now. IMG_0203 With the warmer weather, wind, and heavy rain the ice is starting to go. The area around the Little Fangs has a great deal of open water and waves can be seen on a windy day, WAVES…..I almost forgot what they looked like. It somehow gave me a warm exciting feeling, the thought of being in the boat, the smell of the water, the sound of the waves hitting the boat… will not be long now (that’s what I keep telling myself, helps with my sanity).IMG_0201

The boat has been removed from storage (thank you Dave) and brought to my home. It sits in my driveway calling my name, teasing me at every glance. The snowmobile has been removed from the Lake and stored until next Winter.
Last week I received a call about a dead deer in the water that was pinned up against the grates of the East Dam. This poor little critter must have gotten too close to the edge or fell through some thin ice and was not able to get out. The current caused the deer to be pinned up against the dam. It has since been removed.

This week-end I assisted Camden P.D. with a call from a concerned citizen, while in his yard this citizen observed a ice biker on the Lake with two dogs. The caller reported that he looked away for only a moment and when he looked back the biker and both dogs were no where to be seen. The caller was in fear that they had fallen through the ice. The last known location was between Crane Island and Lands End. Fortunately I was able to make contact with some ice boaters who were on the lake as well. They reported seeing the biker and both dogs leave the lake unharmed (and dry). Although it was a false alarm it was comforting to know that people are taking the ice conditions seriously this time of year .
If you haven’t already, it’s not to late to get your guesses in for this year’s Ice Out Contest. Send them to





Critter Cam- How Many Deer to do See?

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Here’s an eye test. P000-256-256-256-3eh-002-02-0360-1080-0359-1079
How many deer do you see in this critter cam pic? Click on the pic a couple of times and it will enlarge for better viewing.



Here are a few more CC pics:


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It is hard to believe that “Spring” is said to be here. Temperatures are still dropping to the single digits at night and seldom rising above freezing during the day, it seems Spring may never arrive. It’s hard to believe that, two years ago, “Ice Out” was called on Megunticook on March 19th. Of course last year Ice Out was on April 10th. Given the current weather I suspect we will not see “Ice Out” for at least a few more weeks.

So there’s still time to get your Ice Out prediction into the contest. You can send your entry to or P.O. Box 443, Camden ME 04843. We will accept entries up to 24 hours before the Ice-Out time. Please, one entry per person.


There is still a great deal of ice on both Megunticook and Norton, well over a foot, however caution should still be exercised. This time of year we need to be aware that the edges of the ice may start to weaken or recede. Any “run off” areas or inlets/outlets will have a significantly less ice then other areas; and locations that have exposed structures such as rocks, downed trees etc. will begin to thaw as the sun heats these exposed structures and melts the ice around them.



For the most part things are quiet around the Watershed. Fisherman are still out in force, and have had the luxury of being able to access their favorite fishing spots with their vehicles. Usually this time of year people are scrambling to get their ice houses off the lake or pond before it is too late.


The boat is registered, the battery is charged, the buoys are calling for their chance to get back in the water. Think Spring!

Where am I?

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I placed another “Critter Cam” out on the Lake and moved the existing one to a different location. After a week I checked them and it seems that we’ve got pictures of everything except deer this time around.

Can you guess the location of each camera? If you think you know, email me at

Critter Cam Late February

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Here’s a few more pics from the Justin’s Critter Cam.

Megunticook Lake Ice-Out Contest!!

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The Megunticook Lake Watershed Association is sponsoring an “Ice Out” contest for Megunticook Lake. The person who guesses closest to date and time the ice goes out on Megunticook Lake will win a $100.00 gift certificate from Maine Sport and a years subscription to the Camden Herald. Second prize is a $50.00 check from the Association. “Ice Out” is called when a boat can navigate in open water from the outlet dams to the Ken Bailey Bridge where Norton Pond empties into the lake. Contestants can send their entries to or P.O. Box 443, Camden ME 04843. It is suggested that entries be in before midnight March 15, 2014; but if you are a gambling sort we will accept entries up to 24 hours from the Ice-Out time. Please, one entry per person. Our Lake Warden, Justin Twitchell, will call “Ice Out”. When sending your entry please include your full name and contact number. Good Luck!

Here’s a list of past Ice-Out dates and a few pics from last year:

1980 8-Apr 1997 April 20 (11:20 a.m.)
1981 30-Mar 1998 March 31 (12:30 p.m.)
1982 20-Apr 1999 March 30 (4:22 p.m.)
1983 6-Apr 2000 April 1 (6:25 p.m.)
1984 20-Apr 2001 April 25 (5:38 a.m.)
1985 4-Apr 2002 March 29 (10:45 a.m.)
1986 6-Apr 2003 April 20 (3:00 p.m.)
1987 13-Apr 2004 April 17 (12:35 p.m.)
1988 9-Apr 2005 April 14 (4:00 p.m.)
1989 13-Apr 2006 March 28 (5:30 p.m.)
1990 7-Apr 2007 April 24 (11:45 a.m.)
1991 6-Apr 2008 April 17 (6:34 p.m.)
1992 April 21 (4:30 p.m.) 2009 April 13 (2:40 p.m.)
1993 April 23 (8:15 a.m.) 2010 March 19 (5:02 p.m.)
1994 April 16 (10:44 a.m.) 2011 April 14 (9:50 a.m.)
1995 April 3 (6:05 p.m.) 2012 March 19 (1:25 p.m.)
1996 April 12 (7:50 p.m.) 2013 April 10, 2013 (4:55 P.M.)
(Earliest ice out: March 19: 2010 and 2012)
(Latest Ice Out: May 2, 1926 and 1939)

Critter Cam Early February

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More critter cam from Justin from
the first week of February

Critter Cam Late January

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Some more Critter Cam pics from Justin!

A Second Chance

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From Justin

This morning I received a call from Dan Ford (Ford Enterprises, Landscape and Earthwork) who was at the Parker cottage off the Carle Farm Road shoveling off the roof. While doing so he observed a strange object out on the ice between the Parker cottage and Land’s End. It did not take Dan long to discover that this strange object was a deer laying on the ice. Dan watched as this deer tried several times to get on its feet but was unable to do so. Fearing the worst Dan gave me a call.
A short time later I responded to the area and made contact with Dan. Dan showed me the deer and we then ventured out on to the slippery ice to try to get a closer look. While we were approaching the deer I observed that all four of its legs were spread out on to the ice straight out, away from its body. More often then not this results in a deer splitting its pelvis or even breaking its back trying to get up. I was sure that I would have to dispatch this deer to put it out of its misery.


We continued to get closer and the deer continued to make every effort possible to try to get back on its feet, this resulted in it taking some hard falls and tumbles. I noticed that the deer did not seem to have any broken bones but was extremely exhausted, for all we knew it could have been out there all night trying to get up.
After seeing that it had no visible signs of injury I had an idea. After several valiant efforts to get on its feet and away from us the deer had to stop and rest. I took this moment to move and and grab one of its front legs, Dan quickly moved in and secured its other front leg.
After a short tug of war match the deer seemed to realize that there was nothing it could do. Dan and I then began to drag the deer across the ice to Lands End. The closer to shore we got the more excited the deer became. Staying clear of its kicking rear legs Dan and I were able to reach the shore and get the deer off the ice.


The young deer laid on shore for a short period of time trying to regain enough strength to get up on its feet. After a while it was able to get on all fours and run away off into the woods. I am in hopes that this deer will recover from this energy draining and stressful event and live to enjoy several more years on our watershed.

keep looking »


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