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Lions & Tigers & Bears? Nope..Coons, Coyotes, Deer, and Fox!

Posted on | January 3, 2015 | Comments Off

Coon’s, Coyotes, Fox and Deer bringing in the new year.
I reset this camera on December 28th, on January 1st I had 525 pictures.  Attached are just a few, enjoy


Posted on | January 3, 2015 | Comments Off

Warden’s Report from Justin:

Yesterday marked the last day of 2014, I want to thank all of you for your continued support throughout the past year.  There were many great memories and friendships made and I look forward to another great year ahead in 2015.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families and will ha a safe and happy New Year.  December’s weather made it hard to get into the Christmas spirit but the last couple of days have made me realize that maybe the weather wasn’t really that bad.
This recent cold snap has finally started to make some ice that just might decide to stick around for a little bit.  January 1st marks the first day of ice fishing in Megunticook and Norton and I pray that everyone uses their judgment when thinking about venturing out on to any ice that we may have.  Yesterday morning Norton pond was completely frozen over and I was able to walk out onto the ice a couple feet off shore.  This made me more worried then happy as I suspect there will be a few brave hearts out there that will take this inch and stretch it a mile to get out there and try their hand at some ice fishing.  Please, Please be safe and check the ice before making any attempt on going out.
Most of the northern end of Megunticook has a thin layer of ice but the southern end is still open in many areas; Hobbs pond still has some open water, along with Hosmer.  Moody pond was completely frozen over as was Norton.  I suspect in the near future I will be posting the official “ice in” dates for all local bodies of water.
Attached is a picture of a couple of brave souls that were out fishing on Monday (12/29), getting that last action in before the open water season ended.  It is legal to open water fish Megunticook and Norton until December 31st as long as you are using artificial bait and release any trout caught.  Attached is another image from the following day……..these guys just barely got it in.
I will keep you updated on our ice conditions, please understand that the ice is not yet safe and I am recommending that you do not try to venture out on it just yet.  Be patient……it will be here very soon.
Happy New Year


P.S. Here are some more Critter Cam pics, enjoy!

DPP_10 DPP_09 DPP_08 DPP_07 DPP_06 DPP_05 DPP_04 DPP_03

Season’s Greetings

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To the Megunticook Watershed Association,

The critter cam has been set up again this year and here’s the first batch.

Justin and I would like to thank everyone for their support this past year and wish everyone a very happy holiday season.


DPP_04 DPP_03 DPP_02 DPP_01 DPP_11 DPP_10 DPP_09 DPP_08 DPP_07 DPP_06 DPP_05

Early November Nor’Easter

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Well folks that was quite a storm.  Sunday brought high winds and upwards to a foot or more of heavy, wet snow to the watershed. Trees, limbs, and power and telephone lines are down all over. Roads were closed or unplowed because plow trucks couldn’t get through the downed trees.

Property owners or caretakers should check on seasonal camps for damage or power outages.  Stay safe folks, remember, no line is safe to touch, evah!

Here’s a link to CMP outage info:

Here’s some online stories:


Ken Bailey Schorship Fundraiser Wednesday Oct. 22 5PM-7PM

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MWA members and Friends of Ken Bailey,

You are all invited to the Third Annual Ken Bailey Memorial get-together on the occasion of Ken’s birthday, October 22, at the Hatchet Mountain Publick House from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. It should be a lot of fun again this year as we get an opportunity to laugh and share “Ken Stories”. It will be a “no-host” bar (pay for your own) and a minimum contribution of $10.00 for appetizers. All proceeds over that will go to the Ken Bailey Scholarship Fund so be sure to bring more than $10 as it is a great way to keep the memory of a wonderful person alive.

So mark it on your calenders, this event will truly benefit a great scholarship fund in honor of a great guy. We have already received a number of contributions from folks “from away” so if you can’t make it, and want to contribute, please make checks payable to “Ken Bailey Scholarship Fund” and send to the address below.

Hope to see you all there, please RSVP to me by return email so Brian at the Publick House knows how many appetizers to make.

PS:  Here’s a pic of the lake yesterday, thanks Leslie S. !

That Time of Year

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Warden’s Report from Justin:

Well it’s that time of year again (love it), I have started to remove buoys from the Lake.  To date every marker buoy north of Teal Rock has been removed from the Lake and Norton Pond.  I am happy to report another year has gone by without the loss or damage of a single buoy.  For those of you that do not know, I use new rope every year and electrical tape every knot.  Prior to the MWA “taking over” the buoy program it seemed I was always chasing a broken-free buoy or having to find a replacement for one that broke free and was damaged. Having the buoys stored all winter in the Jones’s boat house has made such a huge difference in the ease of this process. Thank you Hillary and David.

Removing the buoys is a dirty job and the boat takes the brunt of it.  I remove four to five buoys at a time and take them to the boat house where I then scrub them clean of all the slime.  This was never done in the past (in my time) and it makes all the difference in the world the next spring when it is time to start handling them again.  I also have the luxury of storing them so they stand upright which allows any water to drain that was collected inside the buoy.

I am in hopes of having all the buoys removed from the Lake, cleaned and stored, by next week. Please use caution if you are going to venture out on to the Lake, the water is lower now and not having the buoys present could result in a busted up prop.  And just because there are no “Headway Speed” buoys present does not mean that the law no longer applies…….boaters unclear on this concept could be seen with-in minutes of removing them.

Note:  The new camera seems to be fitting the needs so far, it does not have the zoom capabilities the old one had but it takes a very nice picture.



DPP_03 DPP_02 DPP_01 DPP_04 DPP_05 DPP_06

Warden’s Report Early September

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From Justin:

Labor Day has come and gone , I really enjoy this time of year going forward because it seems every day brings something new on the Watershed.  Slowly the Lake will become quieter, docks will be disappearing, leaves will soon be changing and the days will become shorter and bring cooler temperatures.  However this week has brought some of the more warmer weather that we have seen for most of the summer.  All and all we have had a great summer weather wise, I cannot recall the last time we had a summer that brought with it the amount of sun and great temperatures that we have had this year.  Fall will officially be here in three weeks (09/23).

     The last few weeks of August were busy on the Lake. People were out in force, enjoying what little time they had left before their vacations were over and school was back in session.  I spent a great deal of time monitoring the Headway Speed area around Lutz Island and the Narrows due to several complaints of speeding boats, lets just say there were several contacts made and many warnings issued to boaters that did not seem to think that Headway Speed pertained to them.  I have also noticed that the boats seem to be getting bigger and bigger every year, a large boat going headway speed can create a large wake that can cause concern.
     The Loon that was entangled with fishing line has either freed itself or left the watershed, a few weeks have gone by without any sighting of the Loon and I am hoping that it is somewhere happy and healthy.  Another well constructed rope swing was removed from the same tree on CMLT land that has been used in years past.  If you drive by you will still see some rope hanging from the tree, whoever tied the rope up in the tree had more monkey in them then me.  Paddle boarders without PFD’s, tubers without spotters and the occasional “boat race” has kept me on my toes.
     September 1st marked the first day in the “Special Early Goose Season”.  This season will run for the whole month of September when a hunter is allowed to take 10 geese a day.  Megunticook and Norton are closed during this “Early Goose” season.  If you happen to see a hunter on the water or shooting coming from either Megunticook or Norton for the remainder of the month please call and let me know.  Megunticook and Norton are closed to all hunting until October.  Starting in October hunters will be allowed to hunt both ducks and geese on both bodies of water.
     I attended the Norton Pond Road Association Meeting last Saturday and was pleased to see a great turnout and I will be attending the Poland Road Association meeting this Saturday.  The marker buoys (navigational aids) will be left in place until October when they will be brought in and stored for the winter.  The patrol boat will remain on the Lake until (roughly) mid November.  In another few weeks I will be placing the “Critter Cams” out and will hopefully be posting pictures of our local wildlife.
     Thank you all for a great Summer.  I took great pleasure in seeing you out on the lake and or stopping by and talking with you, you all are the reason that this watershed is so special and enjoyable.

Rough week on the Lake

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From Justin:

Early Tuesday morning I received a call from a concerned citizen in reference to a Loon that appeared to be in distress in Barrett’s Cove. As a result I hopped in the boat in an attempt to locate the Loon in question. It did not take me long to locate the Loon as it was sticking close to shore and acting very lethargic. After a closer look I observed a great deal of fishing line around the head and neck of the loon. I contacted Paul Leeper and asked for assistance in trying to catch the Loon, I also called Avian Haven and had them on stand-by in the event the Loon was successfully captured so it could be transported to their facility.
Using a net Paul and I made several attempts to catch this loon, it was not, however, cooperating with us. It was still able to dive and we were SO close SO many times but ultimately unsuccessful. As a result I ran into town and was able to purchase a throw net; Paul constructed a much longer handled net and we went out again later that day to give it another go. This time the Loon was having nothing to do with us. After several more attempts the Loon decided it had enough and flew away down the Lake and it’s whereabouts are currently unknown.
In your travels on or around the Lake please keep your eyes open for this Loon. If you think you have spotted it please contact either Paul or me so we can make more attempts to rescue this Loon and get it to Avian Haven.
This morning (08/07) I responded to #265 Beaucaire Ave in Camden after learning about a fire at the residence there. Upon my arrival I observed that the residence in question was a complete loss and Camden Fire crews were still on scene trying to extinguish the last remaining flames. It is unknown at this time the actual cause of the fire. The residence/cottage was unoccupied and has been for some time. There was power to the building from the main line but after talking to one of the owners in Maryland it seems that there was no power in the building (main breaker shut off). A representative from the Fire Marshall’s Office and one from the Forest Rangers Service are responding to the scene in attempt to determine the cause of the fire.

Goodbye July!

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     July is gone, I am not sure where it went or how August got here so quickly.  The Lobster Festival is in full swing in Rockland (stay away if you want to keep your sanity intact) and before you know it the Union Fair will be here, the tell tale sign that Summer is coming to an end.  One thing is for sure we have had some great weather the past several weeks and people have taken full advantage of it, enjoying their time on the Lake.
    LoonTwins For those of you who may not have seen them yet, our Loon nest on Echo Island was finally successful, there is now a pair of baby Loons swimming around.  This was no doubt a “re-nest” given how late this hatch was and I am in hopes that they will survive and mature enough to make it out before the winter weather sets in.  These little chicks are like a magnet and have the power to draw you in for a closer look.  Please make every effort possible to keep your distance and allow them to be as stress free as possible.  Paul and I have already received several calls from concerned citizens about people getting too close to these little fellas, together maybe we can work together and help them out as much as we can.
     The large floating mass of land that was anchored by Pine Island was successfully moved to a safer and hopefully permanent location.  Last Sunday Paul and I tackled this project using his boat and the Lake boat.  I had two large home made hooks made up that were used to get a good bite on the land mass, tying off on both hooks Paul and I were able to tow and push the Island back into the bog and tie it off to Land.  The hooks are still in place and with any luck the Island will re-root in its new location and we will never have to deal with it again (fingers crossed).
     The YMCA has placed a large swimming course on the lake next to Barrett’s Cove.  This was something that was brought to my attention several weeks ago, I met with the representative from the Y at the suggested sight location where we went over ideas and safety concerns.  The plan was then proposed to the Camden Code Enforcement Officer who approved.  It is now in place and I am hoping that it will bring happiness to several young swimmers in the YMCA program.
See you on the Lake

Warden’s Report: July on the Lake

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Lake Warden Report from Justin.

It doesn’t seem possible but July is half over. Minus a few rain storms here and there we have had a great stretch of weather. The 4th went well and there was a great turnout for the Norton Pond Pond boat parade. The Annual meeting, although hot, had a great turnout as well and the bird presentation was a great addition. I would like to thank Jill Glover and Steve Thomas for their service as Treasurer and President of the Megunticook Watershed Association, it has been a pleasure working with you both.

As of Sunday the Loon nest on Norton Pond was still active along with the nest on Echo Island. I hope that they will be successful and we will soon see a few more baby loons around the Lake. The baby loon near the Wiley Bog area is growing fast and seems to be changing every day. The annual state-wide Loon Count will be held this Saturday, July 19th, this will be the 31st year.

Boat traffic has really picked up around the Lake and Pond. I am seeing fewer and fewer paddle boarders without life vests but still encountering several boaters without enough for each person aboard their vessel. With the exception of some Headway Speed violations and “spotter” issues, everything is going well and there has not been any reported accidents or injuries….lets hope that continues. Our Courtesy Boat Inspectors at the boat ramps are doing well and I continue to hear great things about them on the Lake.

If you have not already noticed there is a VERY large floating grass island near Pine Island. For the moment this land mass seems to be stuck in place but we are not sure for how long. Saturday, with the help from Mr. Ledwith, I made an attempt to anchor it. Using a plank to walk on, a 50 lbs mushroom anchor and a long piece of rope Mr. Ledwith and I was able to secure it the best we could. Attempts will be made to remove this floating Island (somehow) before it causes a serious problem.

There is a great deal of debris in the water, this past week-end I removed three large logs floating in the water that were just under the surface. They were large enough so I had to use a rope and tow them in to shore because they were too heavy to lift. With rain in the forecast please use caution while on the lake and keep your eyes open, hitting one off these at any speed could be dangerous.


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