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Warden’s Report: July on the Lake

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Lake Warden Report from Justin.

It doesn’t seem possible but July is half over. Minus a few rain storms here and there we have had a great stretch of weather. The 4th went well and there was a great turnout for the Norton Pond Pond boat parade. The Annual meeting, although hot, had a great turnout as well and the bird presentation was a great addition. I would like to thank Jill Glover and Steve Thomas for their service as Treasurer and President of the Megunticook Watershed Association, it has been a pleasure working with you both.

As of Sunday the Loon nest on Norton Pond was still active along with the nest on Echo Island. I hope that they will be successful and we will soon see a few more baby loons around the Lake. The baby loon near the Wiley Bog area is growing fast and seems to be changing every day. The annual state-wide Loon Count will be held this Saturday, July 19th, this will be the 31st year.

Boat traffic has really picked up around the Lake and Pond. I am seeing fewer and fewer paddle boarders without life vests but still encountering several boaters without enough for each person aboard their vessel. With the exception of some Headway Speed violations and “spotter” issues, everything is going well and there has not been any reported accidents or injuries….lets hope that continues. Our Courtesy Boat Inspectors at the boat ramps are doing well and I continue to hear great things about them on the Lake.

If you have not already noticed there is a VERY large floating grass island near Pine Island. For the moment this land mass seems to be stuck in place but we are not sure for how long. Saturday, with the help from Mr. Ledwith, I made an attempt to anchor it. Using a plank to walk on, a 50 lbs mushroom anchor and a long piece of rope Mr. Ledwith and I was able to secure it the best we could. Attempts will be made to remove this floating Island (somehow) before it causes a serious problem.

There is a great deal of debris in the water, this past week-end I removed three large logs floating in the water that were just under the surface. They were large enough so I had to use a rope and tow them in to shore because they were too heavy to lift. With rain in the forecast please use caution while on the lake and keep your eyes open, hitting one off these at any speed could be dangerous.


Annual Meeting Agenda

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Watershed Association
45th Annual Meeting, July 8, 2014 @ 7:00 P.M.
Camp Bishopswood

1. Introductions, Opening Remarks- President Steve Thomas
a. Greeting from Mike Douglass, Director of Bishopswood
2. Sec’y Report- Wendy (motion to accept 2013 Annual Meeting Mins.)
3. Treasurer’s Report- Jill/Paul L.
a. Reports- Balance Sheet to date
b. ’13-’14 P & L Budget versus Actual
c. ’14-’15 budget (motion to accept)
4. Nominating Committee- Didi/Paul L.
a. Presentations
b. Report on new and renewing members of the Board of Directors and resignations (motion to accept as presented)
5. Ex.Dir. Report
6. Warden’s Report
7. Presentation- Hope Douglas, Wind over Wings: Raptor Rehab
Hope Douglas is a wildlife rehabilitator at Wind Over Wings. She will bring a American Kestrel (falcon), Saw-whet Owl, Great Horned Owl, and Red-tailed Hawk to the meeting. These magnificent birds are unable to survive in their natural environment and have overcome extraordinary obstacles in their lives. Through these birds, Hope’s goal is to provide her audience a personal connection with wildlife that will foster responsible stewardship of the environment.
8. 8:15-8-30Adjourn for refreshments

Annual Meeting and 4th of July Boat Parade

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To the MWA Membership,

You are all cordially invited to:

Camp Bishopswood
for the
Megunticook Watershed Association
Annual Meeting
July 8th at 7:00 PM

Our featured speaker will be Hope Douglas, a wildlife rehabilitator at Wind Over Wings. She will bring a American Kestrel (falcon), Saw-whet Owl, Great Horned Owl, and Red-tailed Hawk to the meeting. These magnificent birds are unable to survive in their natural environment and have overcome extraordinary obstacles in their lives. Through these birds, Hope’s goal is to provide her audience a personal connection with wildlife that will foster responsible stewardship of the environment. For more info on Wind over Wings go to :

4th of July Boat Parade
Where? Norton Pond- start at Marriner’s Camp
When? 7-4-14 at 4:00PM
Costumes and flags encouraged!

Hope to see you all at the parade and the meeting!

More Loon Pics

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Here’s some great pics by member Allison Maguire of Loons out in front of her camp.

Thanks Allison!


Warden’s Report- Summer is Here! 6/26/14

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It’s official, Summer has arrived. The last few week-ends have seen more and more activity on the Lake and I suspect the same this coming week-end as the current weather is going to break and bring sunshine both Saturday and Sunday. Believe it or not, after that will the be the week-end of the 4th of July. I look forward to the boat parade on Norton and hope for a fun filled and safe week-end of events on the Lake.

Recent rainstorms both a week ago and in the last 24 hours has caused the lake water level to rise rapidly. I have received many calls of concern for the nesting Loons due to the high water levels. I am happy to report that I spotted a Loon chick with both parents near Little and Lutz Island, I had the pleasure of watching as one of the parents was catching small fish and feeding it to its young. The Loon on Norton was still on it’s nest last week-end and I am in hopes that we will soon see a little one (or two) in the near future (if they are not already out and about). There has been activity on the eagle nest, one of the pictures below shows the head of what I believe to be a young eagle in the nest……pray for the Loon baby’s.

The high water had caused me to move a few buoy’s around so they would be more visible. Last Monday I made a trip to Richmond (Dept. of Conservation) and picked up a few new buoys (Swim Area and Headway Speed) to replace a few that are not in the best of shape.
A large piece of floating grass was uprooted and sent adrift from behind Pine Island (due to high waters) and was seen floating down the Lake. The large piece of earth was aprox 30 feet across and could have caused serious property damage to anything in it’s path. Fortunately it found its way to a nice little secluded cove next to the Leeper property without causing any such damage. (Note from Leepers: We don’t need anymore real estate, the floating island may be towed back from whence it came!)

Fisherman are catching bass quite regularly around the Lake and Pond and I have seen and heard many success stories. There are still a few out trolling for trout and they too are having some luck. Boating traffic is picking up, water skiers and tubers are seen often. The occasional headway speed violation, no spotter, or lack of PFD’s are keeping me busy. I have been getting rave reviews about our new high school student Watershed Stewards at the boat ramps in just the short amount of time they have been working. People are happy to have the presence and they seem to be eager to work. I have gotten a few calls about how impressed people were with the amount of effort being put in to their duties at the boat ramp.

I recently met with the Coastal Mountain Land Trust’s Summer Stewart, Randi Fine and the two of us took a nice boat ride and shared notes and ideas for the up coming summer months and worked out how we will best work with each other. I have a meeting on Saturday morning at Bishopswood to meet the summer staff where I will be making a presentation about water safety and other concerns. Sunday I will be the “sweep boat” for the boat race that will begin at Barretts Cove.

I will see you on the Lake

Update on Lead Sinkers

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Here is most recent Maine’s Department of Inland Fish & Wildlife interpretation on the use a sale of lead sinkers:

Lead Sinker Law/Interpretation

1) The Department will interpret the definition of lead sinker to include any tackle that is permanently manufactured to the lead itself. When measuring for a minimum of 2.5 inches, the manufactured tackle will be included in the measurement. This will not include any additional items that have been added to the original manufacturing device.

2) Please read the manufacturer’s label carefully to determine the weight of the lead sinker. If the lead is manufactured as part of other fishing tackle, the entire piece of equipment needs to be more than 1 ounce in weight.

3) The definition of a lead sinker DOES NOT include artificial lures, weighted line, weighted flies or jig heads.

4) If a lead sinker is over 2.5 inches in length or it weighs over 1 ounce or both it is legal to use and sell or offer for sale.

5) We will interpret the law to mean that it applies to Inland Waters NOT Tidal Waters.

6) If a sinker contains any amount of lead, it will be considered illegal if it doesn’t meet the length and weight requirements.

Reminder: Currently the law only prohibits the use and sale of lead sinkers that do not meet the length and/or weight requirements. The sale of bare lead jigs and use of bare lead jigs not meeting the length and/or weight requirements is currently legal but will be prohibited in September of 2016 and September 2017 respectively.

8) If you have additional questions relating to this topic feel free to look at Maine Audubon’s website at:

Warden’s Report: Bouy Installation

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Justin’s Warden Report:

I started to place a few buoy’s out in areas that I feel are high traffic or dangerous such as the channel markers between the Little Fangs, Rock Buoy off Crane Island, Hazard Buoy of Crane Island and Rock Buoy off Fang Island. I will be placing more buoys out a few at a time over the next few weeks and plan to have them all out by Memorial Day (week-end). I “kinda” hold off on placing the majority of them out before then due to the dock crew towing multiple docks at a time around the lake. In the past, if the Buoy’s were all out too early the dock crew would inadvertently get hung up on a Buoy and end up dragging it around the Lake with the docks in tow. The Dock Crew has been poking away and getting docks out a few at a time. I spoke to them yesterday and they hope to have them all out by the holiday week-end, they are a bit behind schedule but this is due to the weather (high winds) that does not seem to want to quit.

Critter Cam RIP

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Hey folks,
Here’s another bunch of critter cam pics from Justin.


We talked about running the “Critter Cam” all year round and with winter over I have been trying to find new and different locations to set the camera up to capture pictures that were something different then deer. During the patrols I located a large poplar tree on Fang Island that was approx 12″ to 14″ across that a beaver had begun chewing on. Thinking this would be a great place to set the “Critter Cam” up, I did so last week-end.
Yesterday (Monday) I spent the day on the lake setting buoy’s, before calling it a day I went over to Fang Island to check on the “Critter Cam” to see if there had been any activity. THERE WAS………I was surprised to see that the tree the beavers had been chewing on was now on the ground, I did not anticipate that a beaver would chew through this tree that fast AND, of all the directions this tree could have fallen…….yup…… landed directly on my camera. I was able to sort through all the parts and pieces and find the memory card.
Please enjoy these pictures as they will more then likely be the most expensive pictures I will send you. From the time I set the camera up it took TWO beavers to chew through that tree in a matter a 4 evenings.


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The “Ice Out” was called today, April 15th at 9:55 this morning. The recent high winds and warm weather put a quick end to any remaining ice. There was a small thin band of ice the stretched from Lutz Island to the mainland that finally gave way this morning (in the wind and rain).IMG_0216IMG_0212

As far as the contest……..there were many entries, guesses from the end of March to the beginning of May. The majority of the guesses were for April and surprisingly there were several that were VERY close to the date and time.

AND THE WINNER IS…………………………IMG_0219

First place goes to: Deena Lufkin
Deena guessed April 15th at 9:00 A.M.

Second place goes to: Sean Day
Sean guessed April 15th at 2:00 P.M.

Third place goes to: Tracy Wickwire
Tracy guessed April 15th at 3:06 P.M.

Deena wins a $100.00 gift certificate from Maine Sport and a years subscription to the Camden Herald. Sean wins a $50.00 check from the Megunticook Watershed Association. Thanks to Maine Sport and the Camden Herald for providing prizes.

-Chickawaukie Lake went out on April 12th at 10:50 A.M.
-Grassy Pond went out on April 13th
-Hobbs Pond went out on April 14th
-Alfred Lake went out on April 15th at 2:45 P.M.
-Hosmer Pond went out on April 15th
-Norton Pond went out on April 15th

Justin Twitchell
Megunticook Watershed Association Lake Warden



We’re Getting Close!

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Lake Warden Report from Justin:

It won’t be long now. IMG_0203 With the warmer weather, wind, and heavy rain the ice is starting to go. The area around the Little Fangs has a great deal of open water and waves can be seen on a windy day, WAVES…..I almost forgot what they looked like. It somehow gave me a warm exciting feeling, the thought of being in the boat, the smell of the water, the sound of the waves hitting the boat… will not be long now (that’s what I keep telling myself, helps with my sanity).IMG_0201

The boat has been removed from storage (thank you Dave) and brought to my home. It sits in my driveway calling my name, teasing me at every glance. The snowmobile has been removed from the Lake and stored until next Winter.
Last week I received a call about a dead deer in the water that was pinned up against the grates of the East Dam. This poor little critter must have gotten too close to the edge or fell through some thin ice and was not able to get out. The current caused the deer to be pinned up against the dam. It has since been removed.

This week-end I assisted Camden P.D. with a call from a concerned citizen, while in his yard this citizen observed a ice biker on the Lake with two dogs. The caller reported that he looked away for only a moment and when he looked back the biker and both dogs were no where to be seen. The caller was in fear that they had fallen through the ice. The last known location was between Crane Island and Lands End. Fortunately I was able to make contact with some ice boaters who were on the lake as well. They reported seeing the biker and both dogs leave the lake unharmed (and dry). Although it was a false alarm it was comforting to know that people are taking the ice conditions seriously this time of year .
If you haven’t already, it’s not to late to get your guesses in for this year’s Ice Out Contest. Send them to





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